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Her Environment: Mantle (Part 1) (New Media/Oppositional Viewing) 

The Nightingale (1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.) – Thursday, 7:30pm

Mantle (Part 1) will be the sixth installment of the new media arts series Her Environment, co-curated by Allie Shyer and Chelsea Welch. Her Environment highlights femme spectrum new media artists who are making work which pulls against the technical formalism often found within this medium, instead focusing on the artist's personal voice, body, and experience as a femme personified individual. Mantle (Part 1) looks specifically at how the current political climate is affecting our mental state. These six works challenge us to consider different perspectives on daily survival, allowing us to laugh off our sadness with Traci Fowler in #OVERSHARING FOR THE SAKE OF SURVIVAL 2017, and recognize our privilege with Anja Morell in SELFIE THEORY #2. Kelly Lloyd and Jesse Malmed's witty ACRE TV LIVE talk show on "maximizing your potential from inside your bed" holds a mirror to our online state of consumer confusion and desire to both escape the internet and escape reality through it. This work has strong ties to Ana Paula Pinho Martins Nacif's ♥ TAKE CARE OF YOU TOO ♥, which gives us thorough instructions on taking care of our devices and ourselves in the age of surveillance. Thoughtfully programmed, Mantle (Part 1) gives us room to sensitively consider the feelings of each other and ourselves in uncertain, confusing, and frightening times. Curators Shyer and Welch in person. (Approx. 60 min total, Digital Projection) EE